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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ghost Adventures

Andrea from Ghost Stories posted this video recently at her site. The footage captured here is said to be some of the best proving that the paranormal world exists. Check it out.

Thanks for the heads up Andrea about this new show!


paisley said...

oh my fing god... i missed this as i had no idea it was on,.,,, this looks soooo cool... if you hear about it being on again please let us know... i have your blog on feed so i will keep checking!!!!!!

thank you so much i am so sorry i missed it!!!!!

Aura said...

Thanks to Andrea over at her blog Ghost Stories, I now have the heads up. I too had no idea about this show. I will give you the heads up on the next time it is on..once I find that out! Thanks for subscribing to my feed! Have a good one paisley!

Andrea said...

Well it's not exactly a show. It was a 2 hour special. I wouldn't take this as legitimate evidence because we really don't know if it was. The filmmakers weren't professional paranormal investigators and ran away everytime experienced activity. However, it does make for good entertainment.

Aura said...

That is why I enjoy Ghost Hunters so much. They are professional and they stick around when things happen.