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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paranormal Activity

After reading my Noises On The Roof post, a reader commented by sharing his paranormal experience with me. Here is Quentin's story...
I had a friend named Ryan in Austin, Texas who had a similar experience. We would hear stomping sounds in his ceiling pretty regularly that he could not explain. In his mother's bedroom, you could hear what sounded like someone running back and forth across the ceiling. At first he thought there was some problem with the air conditioning vents, but it would happen in the winter as well. There were no problems with the roof and it wasn't the wind. Sometimes it would get so loud that he couldn't hear his music over it. This went on for a couple of years. My friend Ben and I were spending the night at Ryan's house once and Ryan and I left to go buy some cigarettes. I left my cell phone on the coffee table where it stayed all night. When we returned, Ben was standing on the porch. We asked him why he was standing outside and he said he had an unbearably uneasy feeling when he went in alone that he couldn't explain. I finally decided that I wanted to know what was going on in the ceiling so I got a ladder and went up into the attic. I didn't see anything at all when I looked around with my flashlight. I crept in a little farther and peered towards the back of the attic where the vaulted ceiling of the living room blocked my vision. As I did this, I heard a sound like scraping knives and at that moment my flashlight started to flicker. I rushed back towards the ladder and left the attic in a hurry! Ryan asked what I saw and I truthfully told him that I saw nothing, but I certainly felt like there was someone in there with me. Ben said my face was pale white as I descended the ladder. I forgot my phone when I left the next day so I called Ryan to get it for me. He said he couldn't find it on the coffee table or anywhere else in the house. Frustrated, I decided to go back to his house and search for it. Sure enough, it was nowhere to be found anywhere in the house. I was about to give up when the word "attic" popped into my head. I got out the ladder again and climbed back up. There it was, right next to the hatch, sitting there on the crossbeam like someone had placed it there. Creepy. Ryan had also mentioned seeing strange lights outside his window at night, almost as if someone was walking around outside his room with a flashlight. Or the moon was sitting on his front lawn. When we walked outside, no one was there.


JaneDoughnut said...

Oh wow. I heard noises like that all the time in my last rental. The attic was little more than a crawl space and no way was I going up there, so I never investigated. I always assumed it was squirrels or mice, but I wrote an entire short story called The Attic shortly afterwards, and several visitors referred to the house (the physical structure) as "angry." I wonder.

Aura said...

Hi janedoughnut,

I too was creeped out by my experience. Can "The Attic" be found on your blog? I would like to link to it.