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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Ghost of Jim Morrison?

Back in 1997, rock historian and Doors fan Brett Meisner had his photo taken while at the site of Jim Morrison's grave. It wasn't until 2002 when the image in the background became apparent to Meisner.

"I am not a person who is easily scared by anything. I've kicked more ass than a cowboy and have taken more names than a Census clerk. However, what I uncovered tonight has made me rethink my theory about "the monster in the closet." I didn't believe in ghosts or other "super-natural' things before tonight. While compiling my photo archives for some upcoming projects, my assistant produced a photo of me at Jim Morrison's gravesite in France that was taken several years ago. I looked at this photo before, but I never noticed what I noticed tonight. In short, I am now very confused and possibly scared... " Brett Meisner

Click on the link below to see the photo that was taken by Tom Petty and to read more about this story.

The Ghost of Jim Morrison


Lesley said...

I remember first seeing this photo a couple years ago and finding it fascinating, assuming it is not hoaxed. I actually don't believe it to be a ghost, but rather an impression left there from the minds of the millions of people who have visited that grave. It is like the typical iconic image of the young, totally cool Morrison. It is the way most people remember him and would think of him if they were visiting that grave.

Aura said...

Interesting take Lesley. That could very well be what we are seeing here.

The king of Worms said...

He should have respected Jim Morrison, just visiting a grave disturbs the dead. Especially someone so tourtured in life.

"The end is always near"