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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who or what haunts my childhood home?

This is the question that I hope to learn the answer to someday.

Recently, I went home to Indiana to visit some family and friends. I was unable to capture any of the ongoing phenomena on film which I had hoped to share with you, my readers.

I did hear the sound of a door knob rattling when no one else was in the home and saw a dark shadow move across the wall during the daytime while laying down for some rest.

While talking to my mom one evening, I saw a figure dressed in white float down the stairs. Seeing that gave me the chills and caused tears to well up in my eyes. I have never experienced anything like that before in the home and am now questioning what exactly it was that I saw. It happened so fast and just when I became aware of what it was my mind was telling me I was seeing....it disappeared.

I try to approach all my experiences like Jason and Grant do along with the rest of the team from Ghost Hunters, with a rational explanation first. All too often, I can't come up with one!

So, who or what is in the home? Some members of my family believe strongly that it is a loved one, who has passed on, trying to get our attention. Perhaps we will never know. There is a lot of turmoil right now surrounding one immediate family member. Maybe this is the cause for some of the recent activity? There are periods of little or no activity and then something very apparent will happen. Why? Hopefully with further research into this phenomenon, I will learn the answers to my questions.


Bob Johnson said...

Scary yet interesting stuff, I have always wanted first hand experience seeing ghosts but it has never happened, what do you think of astral travelling?

Aura said...

I believe that there are people who have experienced this. It is very interesting and something I will be writing about soon. I myself have never had any out of body experience, you?

Paula said...

Amazing stuff. I have had my own experience only once. It was fascinating wish it would happen again. Great blog.

Aura said...

It is. Activity continues, hopefully I will get the chance to travel back home this year.