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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How to See a Ghost

Webcams have become a popular choice for ghost enthusiasts hoping to catch a glimpse of the paranormal. These real-time cameras have been set up in a number of reportedly haunted buildings all over the world.

Here's some live "ghostcams" for you to check out and watch.

Another technique you might find interesting and a bit spooky is called video feedback which has been known to produce a number of strange images. You basically have to set up a video camera pointed at your tv screen. In order for this to work follow these instructions:
Place your video camera on a tripod and aim it at your TV set. Connect the video camera to the TV so that what the video camera sees in shown live on the TV. In other words, you're taking video of what the camera is seeing on the TV. Zoom in so that the TV screen fills the video frame. Watch the show. You'll want to tape it at the same time so you can replay the video frame by frame.
Source: About.com


Sapphire said...

So... what does a person see when they do the video feedback technique?

aura said...

People claim that they have recorded images of animals, shadows, faces and other creepy looking things with this technique.

Rand said...

Yea it's pretty interesting what can happen with video feedback, some of the results people get seem unreal.

Even if you don't get anything ghostly looking you can still get some trippy 70s style effects.

Sapphire said...

It sounds like fun. Too bad I don't have a video cam. I would be doing it just to get the freaky 70's style effects.