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Friday, August 24, 2007

Los Roques UFO

Recently the internet has been a buzz over the "UFO" caught on film over Haiti. The Los Roques UFO is another video that has lots of people talking. In my opinion, it is just one more silly, well made hoax which is damaging to Ufology. I try not to give any attention to these videos, but I am a bit perturbed by this nonsense and needed to vent. Normally I would embed the video below, but I would rather not waste anymore space.


Angela said...

I too am frustrated with these hoaxes, as you said, it damages ufology and creates a tone within which nothing can quite be believed. Clever they are, right?

Aura said...

There are those that do it for entertainment purposes and those that set out to sabotage ufology itself, trying to take any credibility out of the field. It bugs me all the same.