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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Poker Playing Ghost

Would you consider this video footage of paranormal activity? For me there is too much going on here. The movement of these items seems to all be going towards the back of the room as if strings are attached. I think this is staged. Yet another fake. Does anyone out there have actual footage of paranormal activity anymore?

My thanks to Alex for emailing me this video.


Bob Johnson said...

Too busy, unless the spirit's on speed, or has ADHD.

Aura said...

HAHA, good one bob!!

Edward c. foster said...

It's fake.

No such thing as ghosts.

But, for those of you who believe in this junk, look at the end when the kid filming turns the camera off. You see the movement of the camera as he attempts to turn it off.

I made a post on my blog about ghosts and the ouija board. Read it if you wish.

Edward C. Foster said...

Another thing I might mention, if ghosts had the ability to move junk like that, there would be some interference in the recording the entire time from electromagnetic shit.

Use common sense.

Aura said...

My first skeptic! Welcome to my site, thanks for your comments :) So you say ghosts are fake yet you mention the electromagnetic phenomenon that often occurs. :)

Anonymous said...

Complete fake and really amateur. Anyone with a cheap video camera could produce that.