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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Philadelphia Experiment

In 1943 the U.S.S. Eldridge, a Navy escort destroyer, was fitted with tons of experimental electronic equipment to test Albert Einstein's "Unified Field Theory for Gravitation and Electricity". It was the hope of the U.S. Navy to use Einstein's research to develop a type of electronic camouflage on enemy radar for ships at sea.

This first experiment took place at the Philadelphia Naval Yard with a full crew of men aboard the Eldridge. When the generators were turned on, scientists ashore along with elite Naval officers were in awe to see that a greenish fog surrounded the ship concealing it from view. When the fog cleared it became apparent that the ship had disappeared not only from radar view but, also became totally invisible to the observers. A number of minutes were allowed to pass before the generators were shut down and the ship finally reappeared. The crew were found sick and confused. They were taken off the ship and later replaced by a new crew for a second test.

In October of that same year, the final test on the Eldridge was performed out at sea. The electromagnetic field generators were once again turned on again, and the Eldridge became near-invisible. At first, only a faint outline of the hull remained visible in the water. Shortly after, a blinding blue flash appeared and the ship completely vanished. Within seconds it reappeared miles away, in Norfolk, Virginia, and was seen for several minutes by witnesses there. The Eldridge then quickly disappeared from Norfolk, and reappeared back in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. Something has gone terribly wrong. With the completion of the second test, most of the sailors were violently ill. A number of crew were gone never to be seen or heard from again and some suffered nervous breakdowns. The most disturbing find was that five members of the crew were found fused to the metal in the ship's structure.

Those surviving the Philadelphia Experiment were never the same again. What really took place on the U.S.S. Eldridge in 1943? Did the ship and its crew members experience time travel? According to the U.S. Navy the experiment never took place!


Edward C. Foster said...

No such crap like that has ever happened.

If they had that kind of ability back then, it surely would have been improved and used today.

Aura said...

To an extent that can be true. However, if our government had this capability do you really think they would tell us? I love a good mystery.

Bill said...

Who says they're not using this technology today? It's believed by some that niether the Scientists working on the project or Navy knew what they were dealing with and the technology ended up manipulating space-time in ways they never expected. So who thinks there's not some secret government project somewhere manipulating space-time?

Lesley said...

I am not sure if they have such things or not, but I am sure they wouldn't let us know if they did.

Aura said...

Those guys were basically guinea pigs, I feel that even today it is evident that the u.s. government sees its citizens/military as disposable.

Bill, I recently saw Deja Vu (with Denzel Washington)very cool movie about time travel.

Sapphire said...

I've seen the movie Deja Vu too and liked it. Some scientists say that there are parallel universes running along side ours and that you really can't go back in time but I would imagine that it might be possible to hop into another parallel universe. Maybe that is where some of the men disappeared too or they could have just become disoriented and fallen overboard and drowned at sea.

Aura said...

hey sapphire,

i think that anything is possible and believe in parallel universes. i think that this experiment did take place.

Anonymous said...

I have seen and read various accounts about this supposed event and to me it is clear that this is a myth.

For one there are full records of the ship in question's wartime activities and nothing unusual shows up.

Also there are no survivor/witness accounts. Actual crewman on that ship are interviewed and speak of nothing so dramatic.

Surely even if this had been top secret someone would have provided more detail by now.