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Friday, August 31, 2007

Thanks My 5

This is a thank you to those who comment most often here at Encounters With The Unexplained. Comments are really appreciated by us bloggers and a great way to connect with the rest of you out there in the world. So comment, comment, comment!!!

My 5 are fellow bloggers whose own sites are well worth a visit.

Bob Johnson


Andrea said...

Just thought I would let you know. Ghost Adventures is set to air again on Halloween at 2pm PCT. I don't know if the Sci-Fi Channel will show it before then, but it'll definitely be on that date.

Keep up the good work!

aura said...

Thanks Andrea! I will be looking forward to that.

Angela said...

Aloha and thanks for the nice words; I think commenting is important too...so here I am! :)
Also your site is so much fun; I look forward to your posts!
Thanks for being here.

Rand said...

Hi Aura thanks for the mention, great idea, can I copy it, lol.


I'm still working on The 7 P's, having a hard time though, just found out I'm not as socialable as I should be.

aura said...

You are welcome angela and rand :)
No worries on the 7p's.