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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Crop Circle Follow up

Recently a comment was left by one of the researchers into the Saskatchewan Crop Circle.
Here is more about what was found at the site and what she believes to be the cause.

"The crop is layed in such as way as to suggest clumps of plants are directed to lie and interweave in a way impossible to duplicate by man. There are layers. This type of thing really needs to be experienced. This is not an intellectual or mental issue, but a mental emotional spiritual experience prompted by this physical manifestation. The simple circle is the message. The spiral, the phi ration. Explore Vedic Math on my youtube channel.
WE are entering a new octave of consciousness. The ancient calenders end now before 2012. The revealing is here. The dark tyrants of finance scramble to control your mind even harder now. Perhaps our earths chakra points are being impulsed to help the biology of those on Earth to evolve. I have many ideas and could type for hours. Consciousness gestation is the key, and your intentions and concepts will now be reset so aim high. This is a hologram and we are controlling it. That is the secret being revealed. The veils to other dimensions of intelligence fall away now. A 4th, 5th, or 6th dimensional intelligence moving through the earth, manifesting as 2 d geometry as a shadow in the field? Perhaps our quarantine is over :) Any specific questions?
if not here please email bvb@shaw.ca
Here is a site you can vote for my videos of the crop circle and my comedy show too."




Bob Johnson said...

Very interesting post and videos, Aura did you notice the opening in the crop circle, very odd, did they do it or was it there to start with?

Aura said...

I will contact Beata and forward this question. Will leave answer here :)

Having a nice long weekend?

Suma said...

The cause for Saskatchewan Crop Circle is really perfect...

suma valluru

Aura said...

Cheers to you suma. What is your take on crop circles?