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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tour the East Coasts Most Haunted Penitentiary

By now most of us have heard about all the ghostly activity that has been reported from Eastern State Penitentiary. Recently I came across a site advertising a Haunted Overnight Tour.

The tour is scheduled for the night of November 17, 2007, and will last approximately 11 hours. If you have the money ($220 U.S/pp ), are in the area and interested in doing some paranormal investigating, this might be worth your time. The tour will be led by Wilson's Mysterious Maryland Tour Company. The all-night event will be broad casted live from the over two hundred year old prison via streaming video on the Internet.


Andrea said...

Considering the footage TAPS caught there, I'm sure a lot of fans will be going.

Aura said...

I would love to have the chance for something like this at such a reputable location. Should be interesting, I will be tuning in if I can.

Thanks for stopping by andrea, things look good over at your site! That ass is still taking our entire feeds...but I do not think that he has any pull on here. Take care :)