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Friday, August 10, 2007

UFO Sightings Prior to Tsunami!?!

I came across this interesting article which was written just days after the devastating tsunamis that spawned from the undersea earthquake in the Indiana Ocean.

An enormous number of UFO sightings before Tsunami and earthquake in South and Southeast Asia � were they trying to warn?

Was it a coincidence? Lots of people now from the Tsunami and earthquake hit areas are reporting about strange Unidentified Flying Objects they saw a few days before the mega quake and Tsunami. People in Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar Island as well as many in Indonesia were reporting for some time about strange flying objects in the sky.

The local media in these areas did not know what to do with the reported sightings. But it seems now from the reports that many UFOs were in the sky and were trying to communicate something.

Some even are conjecturing that this horrific Tsunami and earthquake may be some kind of experiment. In Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman Island of India, last week some tourists saw strange silent flying objects. In Sumatra, remote places also had similar experiences for quite some time.

According to some UFO experts, UFOs always hover around the epicenter of major calamities. They somehow sense these coming natural disasters. Some believe that they try and communicate with us to warn. Some even believe these UFOs simulate natural disasters in the earth.

India especially in the Himalayas, China, Indonesia were experiencing heavy UFO sightings in recent days. Remote areas of Bangladesh, Mayanmar, and Andaman Island, Sri Lanka have also recently reported such sightings.

Indian Government and the military are quiet for a long time about these numerous UFO sightings. Some believe that India in recent days have been contacted like America was in the middle of the last century.

The recent excessive UFO sightings all over the world are forecasting serious disasters in the world. Many people believe, we are in for a rough time as far as earthquakes; volcano and similar natural calamities are concerned.

The lining up of Sun, Earth, Moon, Venus and Jupiter is dangerous. And this has caused some to belief that earthquakes can havoc the earth. As a matter of fact India has seen many earthquakes in last few months.

Earthquakes in India are not common like Japan.

It is possible that UFOs are trying to communicate to us to warn about the planetary positioning effects on the Earth�s tectonic plates and crust.

In older days, Mayans and Egyptians were always scared about planets lining up in one line. How did they know that earthquakes are eminent? It may be they did communicate with the extra-terrestrials and understood about planetary angular momentum theory that we just started learning this week!

Source: India Daily


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I had never heard any of these stories. It's got me thinking. Masses are automaticaly attracted to each other. That's a basic scientific fact. Because of this the moon (or the moon's mass) has an effect on the tides. If there is any truth to the stories, and there were a lot of craft around, I wonder if their combined mass could have, perhaps, caused the Tsunami. And let's not forget that the mass of something can be deceptive if we try and judge it by physical size alone.

It's an interesting thought, that's all. Personally I put such things down to being just acts of God.

Marica said...

I too found this to be quite an interesting article. I had hoped to find reports of these sightings before this article was written, but have come up empty handed so far.

This is not the first time that reports of strange craft/other unexplained phenomena have been seen by eyewitnesses prior to a catastrophe. Makes me sit and wonder...what the hell is going on...if anything.

Thanks for your comment

Vishwanath said...

I live in Tamil Nadu, India. The coast of Chennai got submerged when the tsunami struck. So this news has set me thinking. I am starting to believe thet ufo s do appear at the sites where some disaster is about to happen. However though not a smilar happening i have this evening about which i can tell you. My friend called me up and said he had seen something like a ufo. He said it was disk shaped with lights in circular patterns and that the thing did not produce any sound that could be heard. Well since nobody else had seen anything similar it was left as thats that and was forgotten. That evening some news spread over the country that somebody's face could be seen on the moon. For some it was their GOD, for some an animal, somebody who the country knew, so on. But it could've been something else that could've shown the moon to be a little different than its usual form nevermind people's creativity. Just an experience.
Well with millions of galaxies such as our's and to forget our galaxy having millions of stars probability seems to be hinting that the number of planets that can have some life or the other could be atleast many hundreds in number.