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Sunday, September 30, 2007

James Dean's Cursed Porsche

Do you believe in cursed objects?

When James Dean bought his rare model Porsche in 1955, a number of people close to the actor had bad feelings about the purchase. After Deans untimely death, the car continued to curse all who had ties to it. The mechanic that bought the wrecked Porsche broke his both legs when the car slipped in his garage. The passenger in Deans car survived the crash but ended up dying from an auto accident in 1981. "Parts of Deans car were sold to two physicians and killed both drivers on the first time out. The two tires that survived Dean's crash intact, blew at the same time two days after being fitted to another car, and two people attempting to steal trophy parts were both injured in the process. After the last of the incidents the car was moved, used as a travelling car safety warning. Whilst on tour, a garage holding the car burnt down, the car left without a scorch despite being inside. A man was badly injured when the car fell from its display. The truck driver transporting the car survived an initial crash but was killed when the Porsche fell from the back of the truck onto him. Two years later it fell from another transport truck on a freeway killing the occupants of the car behind; a year later the truck's brakes failed whilst parked, rolling back into the vehicle behind.In 1959 the car broke into 11 pieces without warning. Finally in 1960 it was placed on a train to head for LA. When the train arrived, the Porsche was no longer in its box car. To this day, its location is unknown."

Source: Winchester Journals


Bob Johnson said...

Aura, it sounds like someone on drugs wrote this while laughing, lol. If this stuff is true you got a mean car on a mission.

Aura said...

Crazy as it sounds, it all checks out.

I needed a good laugh this a.m., thanks bob. Have a good one ;P