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Monday, October 29, 2007

Protected by My Guardian Angel

Here is an experience sent to me by one of my readers.

"I like your website and have an experience of my own concerning the supernatural. One night back in October 2001 at 2:00AM, I was trying to sleep but could not. I was alone in the room and it was dark. With my eyes closed and being aware of everything, I could feel someone or something touching my lower leg. Then it touched my upper leg. I did not want to get up, but just wanted to know what it was. Finally it touched my chest and I jumped out of bed and turned on the light expecting to see something near my bed. Nothing was in the room with me. Whatever it was disappeared into thin air. It had to be a spirit, I figured.

I am a believer in guardian angels having had my life spared 3 times in the military. Once I was strangely aware of an ambush up ahead of our squad and told the other infantrymen we should not go in that direction. They disbelieved me, so I told them to give me some time to look with binoculars. After about a half hour I saw the enemy watching us with binoculars. They decided I was right and we went back the way we came. They shot at us at over 1000yds and missed us. We returned back to camp, although it could have turned out very different if I had not been informed by my guradian angel. We might have all been killed."

Thanks DH for sharing your story with us.

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