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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tune In On Halloween

Staying in on Halloween? Tune in and check these shows out.

James Van Praagh , medium/producer of Ghost Wisperer, will guest star on Larry King Live on October 31 at 9:00pm ET on CNN. Earlier in the day CBS will be launching an online séance through its executive producer, James Van Praagh, on Wednesday, October 31 at 3pm ET.

Tune into the SciFi Channel at 9pm ET to watch the team from Ghost Hunters conduct a live 6 hour investigation at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. If you missed the premiere of Ghost Adventures, you can catch the repeat at 2 pm ET on SciFi.


Bob Johnson said...

Get out, an online seance, thanks for the link, I am stuck in handing out goodies to the kiddies.

Aura said...

I will be out with my little one then tunning into Ghost Hunters at 9.

Andrea said...

The owner of the Lizzie Borden B&B will be on Montel today. Sylvia Brown is going to explain her experiences to everyone.

Aura said...

Thanks for the heads up Andrea. Have a happy Halloween!!!