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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ghost Hunters Live at Waverly Hills

Ghost Hunters was live at Waverly Hills Sanatorium last night for their second annual Halloween investigation. Unable to watch the entire 6 hours, I made it through the first 2. On the second floor, where the ghost of a little boy is said to remain, a ball was recorded moving by itself on command. Also, sounds of footsteps and strange lights were seen by team members in the infamous body chute. Unfortunately for me, I missed whatever came next. I will be looking forward to the reveal which will be aired next week on SciFi.

I do have to say the one thing that really annoyed me during the show was the overlay of "creepy" music. I found it loud and quite irritating. I was unable to hear if any "unexplainable" noises were occurring. Other shows dealing with the paranormal do this too. I guess producers try to set the mood. I wish they would omit the cheesy music already!


oper8skizzors said...

I agree with you about the music overlay.
I enjoy Ghost Hunters and Waverly was my favorite haunt, I was happy to see they re visited Waverly for Halloween. Six hours was a bit too much as I lost interest after the first 2 hours. I am anxious for thr reveal and what will be found as evidence.

Anonymous said...

I watched the entire 6 hour show on Halloween night. There was a lull in the investigation during the 11pm - 1am (edt)hours. Things did pick up again. I agree about the music. It was too much at times. Also, when things were picking up.. out of nowhere.. commercial breaks. The only other issue I had was that the three contestants for Hunt for the Hunter barely got what appeared to be 1 hour of "testing"

Aura said...


Thanks for your comments. A lot of viewers are saying the same things about the show. Hopefully the producers will listen to the audience and make changes for next time. I am sure that they will lose viewers for the next time if they don't.

I appreciate the work TAPS puts into each investigation and am looking forward to the reveal.

Bob Johnson said...

Gonna have to watch Ghost Hunters more, didn't get a chance to see the 6 hour special, out taking pics of the comet, plug, lol

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the debunking and actual evidence shown on Ghost Hunters. And yes, I agree with you on the music portion. I've sent my concerns to the SciFi channel, however, our voices cannot be heard unless we go to the source. So if any of you are annoyed with the music, please inform the scifi channel.