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Friday, November 02, 2007

Phantom Black Dogs

The phantom black dog is a legendary creature said to roam throughout Great Britain in graveyards, open fields and roadways. According to some, the belief is that these dogs actually appear near ley lines. Primarily nocturnal, the black dog is believed by many to be malevolent and a portent of death. Unlike conventional canines these phantom hounds are large with glowing saucer shaped eyes and, are said to appear and disappear at will.

Many would regard the phantom black dog as nothing more than legend and folklore. However there have been numerous sightings in the past and in more recent times that deserve our attention.

In 1577, during a sever thunderstorm, two people were killed by a mysterious black dog while they were attending a church service in Suffolk. The demonic looking creature is said to have materialized right before parishioners killing those it brushed against. The church still stands and on its door are blackened scorch marks which many believe to be made by the dog as it exited the church. Commemorating this event, a creepy looking weather vane sits atop the roof of the church in the shape of a devilish dog. Many years later, in 1973, a worker near the church reported hearing a panting dog close by although nothing could be seen.

Just a legend? Perhaps. But to those who have encountered the phantom hound and, lived to tell their story, these creatures are as real as you and I.


Steve said...

There seem to be different names for these dogs, depending on where you are at the time. Yorkshire alone has two or three names for them.

Often Black Shuck is reported to have just one fiery red eye in the middle of his head. If I ever run into that sucker, that's what I'll keep on doing -- running. I don't think that he is anyone's best friend.

Aura said...

Hi Steve,

Creepy, are these phantom black dogs.
They say every legend has some truth to it. What is your take?

Steve said...

I am open minded about it. Love to see one. From the safety of a car or something of course.

Aura said...

I am with you on that one steve.