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Monday, November 26, 2007

Haunted Doll Gallery

Some time ago, I wrote a post about a well known case involving the Warrens and a haunted Raggedy Anne doll named Annabelle. Creepy! Recently I came across a site with a Haunted Doll Gallery. You can click on each picture for the true story behind the doll.


Nick said...


love your sight! Pretty good stuff here that's right up my ally...

Very well put together and presented...

But uh, those dolls were a tad bit creepy!


Can't really see having any one of them laying around the house...

Peace and white light,


Bob Johnson said...

Okay I found out what else creeps me out, dolls!, something to chucky? couldn't click on your story link, came up "couldn't be found". Too frigging cold hear -23c and wind chill puts it at -a gazillion!

Aura said...

Thanks Nick! Dolls and clows won't be found in my house.

Hi Bob, link to my story works for me. Try again, maybe something at your end. Let me know.

-23!!! Ouch. I may be moving to Ottawa---talk about cold! I'm gonna freeze!!

EM said...

this is the coolest site ever. ive seen paranormal things in my life so i can realte to this site.

SaraKettley said...

Hi There,

Firstly what a fantastic site you created here, put together well and a place where like-minded people can share experiences together.

My name is Sara Kettley, im a Paranormal Investigator, Researcher and now a Published author of paranormal subjects. For my latest article i'm writing up about Haunted dolls, so far so good but am after anyone who owns or previously owned an haunted doll, would be helpful indeed.

I also see you been reading up on the Ed & Lorraine warrens case of the Annebelle the doll, such a famous case and have spoken to Lorraine on occasions, such a lovely lady indeed.

All the best with your website and will keep coming back

Sara Kettley,
Lightseekers Paranormal Research Team,
Paranormal Investigator, Researcher and Published Author