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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When The Dead Call

Phone calls from the dead? It may sound crazy to you but, numerous people who have lost loved ones have experienced this and in some cases even have the evidence on their answering machines. Most often the calls come on dates of importance or shortly after the person dies and in the form of a farewell message. In the majority of the cases the connection is of poor quality, the voice sounds far away and ends abruptly. There have even been a few accounts of people placing calls to a person who has already passed away and the deceased answers the phone!

Here are some true stories told by those that have experienced them.

Something Strange, Indeed

This happened to my older brother, Matt, about a year ago, just a few weeks after my eldest brother Jeremy's best friend, Joe, died of heart trouble. Matt received a telephone call from a person that sounded exactly like Joe. He said something like, "Matt, it's Joe. Is Jeremy home? Something really strange is going on." Matt freaked out and could hardly answer, "No, he's not. Sorry." Then the phone hung up and Matt looked at the caller I.D.; it read, "Out of area." So Matt tried *69, but they were unable to trace the call. We never got another telephone call from Joe. It still scares Matt to think of it. - Janaye S.

Say Goodbye, Grandpa

My husband lost his grandfather a long time ago. But just recently he has been experiencing something really weird. He has seen his grandfather's name on our caller ID. So we thought someone was calling from his grandfather's house. That was the first time, and no one was even home. Just today, for the second time, he was at work and clearly, along with co-workers, heard the phone ring. He answered it on the first ring, but only heard a dial tone. When he looked at the phone's directory, which has no caller ID, but lists who he has called, he saw the grandfather's name again. What could this mean? How could it be happening? - Leroy L.

Money is Useless Here

One of my clients related this story to me a few years ago. At the time she worked for the Department of Social Services and one of the services she offered was checks for emergency expenses. She had issued a check for $100 to one of her clients for utilities and was about to close the file when her phone rang. On the line was the woman to whom the check was issued. The woman sounded vague and distracted, but clearly said, "I won't be needing that $100 after all." My client made a note of it and went on with her other work. That evening at home she was reading the newspaper when she saw the obituary of the woman she had talked with on the phone. She had died the previous day! - Mary B.

Source of stories

Are spirits of our loved ones and earthbound ghosts able to somehow manipulate our electronic devices to reach us from the beyond? Or do you think this is the result of psychokinesis, which has been one of the theories given to explain these occurrences.


Anonymous said...

As my husbanb and I were leaving the hospital where my mother had just passed away, we had to cross the street to get to my car - As we were waiting in the center divider area for the cars to clear, my cel phone began ringing.

I waited until we were on the other side of the street to answer my phone.

As I grabbed my phone from my purse, and went to answer it, I looked at the screen and it was black. I then realized I had turned my phone off while in the hospital.

We both thought it odd to have it ring as much as it did, and it not have the phone on.

Then the next day we had other strange occurances happen in our house, such as the tv in our living room changing to the Golf channel. I looked around and no one was in the room with me, and the remote was on sitting on top of the other couch. Then I remembered the last conversation I had with my mother - we talked about golf, and that I would take her and dad miniture golfing when she got better.
Just after this incident I walked into the bedroom where my husband was watching tv, I said nothing to him as I thought it was just conincidental. Just then the tv in the bedroom changed to the golf channel.
This also happened to my brother a few months later.
I know this must have been my mother telling me she made it to heaven.

Anonymous said...

When my dad passed in 2002, my mom and I had just gotten home from the funeral service when the phone rang and I picked it up. It was my dad and his exact words were, "don't worry about anything, I am fine....I love you"
There was alot of background static too.
I am glad my mom had gone into another room when we came home because oherwise she would have answered the phone. It would have gotten her in a real tizzy. I never told her about that call. She did hear the phone ring but I told her it was a wrong number...better she did not know.
She passed in 2005 so I am sure my
dad has already told her about this day.