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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Russian UFO Crash

On August 28, 1991, a UFO crashed in the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan near the border of China. The crash site is in a place called "Shaitan Mazar," Russian for "Grave of the Devil."

"The incident of Shaitan Mazar began on August 28, 1991, at shortly before 5:00 P.M. An extremely large object approximately 600 meters long, and 110 meters in diameter appeared over the Caspian Sea, showing on radar screens of the tracking station on the Mangyshlak peninsula. Radar computations showed the object moving at the speed of 6,300 miles per hour, at an altitude of 21,000 feet."(UFO Casebook)

The military was alerted to this and immediately sent four MIG 29 fighters to the area with orders to force the craft to land, and if the orders were ignored, to then shoot the craft down. Once the MIGs got within visual range, the pilots saw a "gigantic, elongated, metallic gray object." When pilots tried to fire upon the craft all controls malfunctioned and they were unable to down the object. Due to this, the MIGs were ordered back to base. The object disappeared shortly after from radar.

Rumors surfaced by locals in the region that a large craft had crashed into the mountains. An expedition of locals was formed to find the site, but due to the dangerous weather conditions they were forced to turn back. The Russian Air Force found the crash in November but, when a helicopter crashed, killing all aboard, the Air Force called the search off until better weather arrived. That time came in the spring of the following year and once again the craft was found. "There it was, a craft from another world." Also, the craft was still emitting an energy field of some type. Expedition member Emil Bachurin would state, "You could feel it all around." The crew was still some 1,500 meters from the craft, but its unbelievable size was clearly discernible even from that distance. As the group approached to within 1,000 meters of the craft, they were overcome with an intense feeling of dread, and anxiety. As they continued to approach the craft, these feelings created an overwhelming fatigue." Some crew members received radiation burns at a distance of 800 meters form the craft. Also cameras malfunctioned and all video tape evidence was ruined at the time of taping.

I could not find any more information as to what happened to the craft. If anyone has further knowledge on this incident, please comment. Thanks.


Sapphire said...

I've heard of some of these ships being as big as NFL football fields. Ships that are large in size would no doubt give off a lot of energy. If you think of it, it would take a lot of energy for something that size to move in the air and go at fast speeds. I would imagine by now that the Russians have figured out how to get near the ship and neutralize anything dangerous. The remnants of the ship are probably sitting in some military warehouse after all the testing that could be done on it was done. No government would admit to aliens visiting the planet. Some of the public would find it threatening and it would challenge people’s religious beliefs. Governments don’t want mass hysteria. It is better for governments to pretend we are the only ones out there.

Aura said...

Thanks for your comment. This is what I think too.

Rand said...

I wonder if this bit of footage has anything to do with it, http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=343_1196428886

Very similar story.

Aura said...

Hey Rand! Thanks for the link to this video. The footage seems to fit the description of what I read. Could be from same incident. Interesting. What do you make of these "cylindrical" crafts?