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Friday, November 30, 2007

Validation From A Loved One

This is in response to my When The Dead Call post. My thanks to the person who submitted this story.
"As my husband and I were leaving the hospital where my mother had just passed away, we had to cross the street to get to my car - As we were waiting in the center divider area for the cars to clear, my cell phone began ringing.

I waited until we were on the other side of the street to answer my phone.

As I grabbed my phone from my purse, and went to answer it, I looked at the screen and it was black. I then realized I had turned my phone off while in the hospital.

We both thought it odd to have it ring as much as it did, and it not have the phone on.

Then the next day we had other strange occurrences happen in our house, such as the tv in our living room changing to the Golf channel. I looked around and no one was in the room with me, and the remote was on sitting on top of the other couch. Then I remembered the last conversation I had with my mother - we talked about golf, and that I would take her and dad miniature golfing when she got better.

Just after this incident I walked into the bedroom where my husband was watching tv, I said nothing to him as I thought it was just conincidental. Just then the tv in the bedroom changed to the golf channel. This also happened to my brother a few months later. I know this must have been my mother telling me she made it to heaven."


A.V. Michaels said...

My husband is somehow very connected to the next realm and the death of his father, who was a musician in life, was no exception. At the moment of his passing, my husband and a friend were driving in his car and they BOTH heard a voice clear as day say, "Son, I'm no longer playing music, I am music." This startled not only my husband but his friend as well. The next moment the phone rang and it was his mother, telling him his dad had died.

Aura said...

hi a.v.
When another person shares the exact same experience,then you know you are not imagining things. Thanks for sharing this with me. It must have brought him some comfort.