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Friday, January 04, 2008

Mars' Impact on Us

All the news surrounding Mars and the potential for an impact by the asteroid got me thinking (once again) about all the strange anomalies this planet has. As one of our closest celestial neighbors, could this video prove that there was once / continues to be life on Mars? I was blown away by the image found of the "martian flying saucer". Check it out.

Images on Mars


Bob Johnson said...

Hi Aura, I actually saw this show a few months ago on tv, got me thinking and actually found a lot of the images even the flying saucer on NASAs site, they explained it away as something else, and of course the images at NASA dont look like the ones on this program, somebody is using photoshop,lol, anyway at the end of the program it had a book that was supposed to have been used as a reference, called Mysteries of the Ancient World by Charles E. Sellier, so true to form I looked around and bought it, and it had nothing to do at all with the show, which sucked, anyhoo, it was a very interesting show, was actually gonna post about it in the future. The jury is still out on this one for me, I would like to think there was once life or even still life on Mars, some scientists believe there is massive amounts of water underground, so who knows.

Aura said...

Hello bob.

Interesting indeed. We may need that water someday.