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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ghoslty Spririts Haunt Pub

Ghostly spirits; Pub owner welcomes paranormal sleuths to find the unbottled spirits that are haunting her downtown building.
Mark McNeil
The Hamilton Spectator

Most bar owners will tell you the toughest part of the job is dealing with drunks staggering around, slurring their words and tormenting other patrons.

But Maria Italia has a much bigger problem with a different kind of wayward visitor in her downtown pub. She's talking about ghosts. That's right. Unwelcome, unpaying, undesirable ectoplasmic visitors from the great beyond.
And it's not just the boozers who are seeing them.

Over the past decade at The Winking Judge on Augusta Street, she says, there have been close to 50 sightings of the ghostly apparition of an elderly man in a dark suit and top hat. He usually appears in the window of the upstairs men's washroom or in front of other windows on the same floor.
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