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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

UFO Photo?

"Did I snap a UFO in the fog?"

"When freelance photographer Hab Rahman uploaded his moody photos of Portsmouth in the fog, he found an unexplained object loitering in the background." Read More

This is one of the better pictures out there that I have seen of a UFO.
Regardless, there will be a lot of people who believe it's a fake. Nowadays it is becoming harder to tell genuine photos from those that have been manipulated. After reading the article and seeing both photos, what do you think?

One more tidbit of information for you to think about. Residents of Grantham, which is about 185 miles North of Portsmouth, claim that they spotted unexplainable objects in the sky over a two day period just one day after this photo was taken.

1 comment:

Bob Johnson said...

Your right, no matter what kind of image there will always be doubters, either too clear, to fuzzy, not fuzzy enough, that's because there is so much stuff out there, just don't know when something real comes along, this looks pretty cool.