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Monday, February 11, 2008


Alien abduction is a common and highly documented phenomenon. Proof of alien abduction in the form of objects implanted in people’s bodies is not. The UFO Hunters will document and remove an alien implant from an abductee’s body. The episode will air this Wednesday at 10/9 C.

Cases include:

The Betty & Barney Hill abduction - As they traveled along a lonely road in rural New Hampshire on September 19, 1961, they were abducted, examined and returned to their car by their captors. After much regression hypnosis therapy and study, Barney and Betty were able to tell the complete tale. While in a hypnotic state, Betty was able to draw from memory, a map of a solar system that was not yet discovered by human beings. With the advent of new technology, the planetary map she drew was later discovered to be an exact match by astronomers, to a star system outside our galaxy, giving credence to their story. We’ll interview Chemist; Phyllis Buddinger who will analyze the dress Betty Hill wore when she was abducted.

Tim Cullen of Yuma, AZ has had 3 separate encounters with alien craft in the Yuma area since 1978.

Jef Harvey, believes he was abducted by aliens and was implanted with a device by the aliens, we will tell his story and film the surgery to remove the implant. We will then follow up the surgery by taking the item to be tested by our team and experts.


Bill said...

I seem to remember seeing a TV program that said they had proof of alien implants.

Richard Lalancette said...

I would have bet 100$ that History Channel would have gone that way with Abduction as soon as they could.

They are the typical propaganda spreading TV station there is out there.

Another sad moment for the diplomats wishing peaceful contacts with our space brothers.

Richard Lalancette

Aura said...

Hi Bill,
I watched that show. It was from the same channel.

Richard, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I never found it that way while watching. UFO programs on this channel allow for both sides to speak which I think is important. With our without the media, I think our entire being right now is one sad moment.

Thanks again guys!