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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Confederate Soldier Ghost

"The Confederate Soldier Ghost"
Story submitted by reader
Hello, my name is Holly and I would like to tell you my story of "The Confederate Soldier Ghost" i saw outside a well known restaurant in the Milwaukee WI area.

Outside the restaurant called Bluemound Gardens in Wauwatosa, my mother and I were pulling into their parking lot and saw at the entrance what appeared to be an elder, white, man dressed in Confederate soldier uniform standing attention.

He leaned on what appeared to be a sword and had a white pale look on his face. He stared at me and didn't move. People going in and out of the restaurant seemed to not notice and not being alarmed by him as they walked and drove past him, not even looking his way. When I pulled up in front to let my mother out so I could find a parking space, my mother said she looked over at the entrance of the parking lot where this soldier was and he was gone. I parked my car and also noticed he was gone. We know what we saw and saw the same thing.

Never saw this soldier again as we have been to Bluemound Gardens several times. We are too afraid to ask owners or workers at this place about this soldier. I can't find records of any one else online or incidents about soldiers haunting around... or if the land where this place now stands was a seen from like the movie Gettysburg.
My thanks to Holly for sharing her experience with me and my readers.


Bob Johnson said...

Wow, very cool sighting thanks for the story.

ItzVictor said...

Whoa! that's cool!

Aura said...

Stories from readers are my favorite! Thanks for stopping by guys :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Billy Clark and I live in West Point Georgia.The last Confederate fort fell here on April 16 1865. The last Confederate General to be killed in the War, Robert C Tyler, died in that battle. Just to let you know that we do keep up with that sort of thing down here. One of my Civil War ancestors, Isham Harris was wounded and captured at Gettsburg and died in a Confederate prison camp in Chicago. Which is interesting and reminds us that Confederate soldiers did pass away that far up north. Anyway,have you done any research to see if there were any old Confederate prison camps in the area where your restaurant is now located? I don't believe that there was any action that far up, I may stand corrected,but the prison camp angle facinates me.

Thanks, Billy Clark

Aura said...

Thanks Billy, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy is one of three things:

1. A young child whose imagination and fear have taken control of his mind.

2. He's telling a tall tale

3. He's taken a significant quantity of drugs.

Anonymous said...

wow, two friends of mine recently saw a confederate soldier, the ghost of one anyway, he stood with his sword drawn, pointing at them, saying they were dead!thats why i looked it up