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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bigfoot Captured on Stealth Cam

Was Bigfoot finally captured on a stealth cam? Check out the footage provided by Easton Bow Hunting for Hunt TV. What do you think???

My take: I do not think that this video provides evidence of Bigfoot. I think that this is a man in full camouflage out hunting. Nothing more. Could be a publicity stunt...hmmm.


GL said...

It certainly isn't much. I lean toward a conventional explanation. It just feels like a gag due to the apparent levity of the presenter, the manner in which it has spread, and the fact that they are using the hunter's motion cam, which appears to be the crypto-video method du jour these days.

Fred said...

I totally agree. I saw this video the other day and just thought it looked like a guy in black with a skullcap on.

I've seen more convincing "Bigfoot" footage.

Aura said...

Now and days for every "legit" piece of footage there seems to be 100s of fakes circulating the web. Normally I would not waste time posting obvious fakes on my site. In some cases I feel that it is important to expose them. There are people who actually believe that this is Bigfoot.

Thanks for your comments friends! :)

Bob Johnson said...

Who knows, like you said Aura with so much fake stuff going around now a days, it is truly hard to pull out the good stuff, a lot of the time we just think everything is fake.