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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Intelligent Hauntings

When a location has a ghost or spirit that is able to communicate, respond and/or interact with the living, it is believed to be the result of an intelligent haunting. In theory, this type of haunting involves the spirit/ghost of a deceased person. Sites where gruesome murders took place and other tragic events are often linked with paranormal activity of this type. Sometimes a spirit will remain earthbound because of unfinished business or to bring comfort to family members. An intelligent haunting can also be the result of a spirit unable to leave a place that once brought them happiness and peace.

Signs of a possible intelligent haunting in your home or place of business could be:

1) Objects being moved about/hidden
2) Slamming, opening and closing of doors and windows
3) Unexplainable electrical disturbances
4) The manifestation of an apparition resembling the person as they were in life
5) Strange sounds, voices and unexplainable scents/odors
6) A strong presence can be felt around you
7) The feeling of being touched, cold spots

This is for me (many of you would agree) the most frightening type of haunting. Experts will tell you that it is important to not let fear take over here. One, including myself, must try and remember that it is most likely the spirit seeking attention for help or its inability to detach its emotional ties to a place/person. However, it is important to eliminate all other possibilities before concluding that an intelligent haunting is taking place.

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