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Friday, March 07, 2008

Fort Mifflin Reveal

Here is the reveal from Ghost Hunters' investigation of Fort Mifflin. The team, once again, were able to capture compelling evidence that proves the existence of paranormal phenomena. Great job guys!!


Rand said...

Sup Aura, they got a lot of stuff on that one, we still don't get Ghost Hunters on TV down here, I don't know why, seems like it would make for killer ratings.

The EVPs were my favs from that clip.

Aura said...

Aside from getting hit with a massive snow storm the last two days and having to get outside soon and dig ourselves out of 2 feet of snow...in some places there is 4...I am great! You? Bummer about not being able to get Ghost Hunters. These guys have brought credibility to the field. I love their technique. I guess you'll have to catch them on here or youtube until the day they come your way. :)

Have a good one Rand

Bob Johnson said...

The past part for me was the shape of the body, lots of good evidence on this one.