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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Family Haunted In Indiana

Family Haunted In Indiana
"My name is Brittany and I'm 16 years old now. I first moved to Cataract, Indiana when I was 12 years old. We lived way out in the country in a big old house. We had one neighbor that was close by and that was it. We lived in this house for a couple months before we started experiencing abnormal encounters.

The first time it happened, me and my mother were in the kitchen and we started hearing the back doors handle jiggling. We opened the laundry room door and the lock on the door handle was locking and unlocking by itself. It scared me and my mother but when we told my step dad he said we were crazy! I didn't really care because I know what I had seen and nothing was gonna stop believing that. It had stopped for awhile after that but then out of no where the TV in the great room would turn on and off by itself, change channels, and the volume would always be a high odd number. In the great room there is also a big picture window and out it the only thing you can see are woods and an old lane. My younger brother and I were watching TV one night and we seen lights reflecting off the window, so we got up and looked and we seen what looked like car lights going down the old lane. The next day we told our mom about it and she asked our neighbor if any one had went down the old lane last night, she said no that the gate is locked so no body can get in it unless they broke it. We checked and the lock was still attached.

My grandmother (moms mom) had died of cancer when I was 7 years old. Before we moved out of this house, every time my grandpa would call us on the home phone it would show up as Erma Thacker. The weird part was was that my grandmother was dead and she had never had a phone in her name. It was always in my grandpas. It upset my mom and when she told my grandpa he got mad at her thinking she was trying to upset him. A week after that, my mom and my step dad split up. My mom and I think grandma was trying to tell us something but we don't know.

My brothers room always had the most abnormal activity going on in it. He used to have real bad nightmares and he would talk/walk in his sleep. One night he got out of bed and came in my room and asked me if I knew where her doll was? I was confused and half asleep so I kinda blew it off, but I noticed when he left my room he didn't go back to his. He was trying to get out the front door and he kept talking about little girls. I was trying to be as calm as I could be because my parents were not home so I asked him who the girls were and he said the twin girls. I thought he was just dreaming. So I took him back to his room and he went to bed. I really couldn't sleep because I got scared he was gonna wonder off. I heard talking and giggling coming from his room so I got up and went in there and there are two little girl figures sitting at the edge of his bed about 4ft away from me. I couldn't move scream or anything. I just stood there. My little brother wasn't in his bed and I was so scared I couldn't take my eyes off the girls. I tried looking around for him but at the same time I was trying to make out what the girls were saying. It was something about a house and there doll. I started to feel a lot of high energy in the room and very cold. The girls figures' disappeared. I found my little brother sitting outside his window. I asked him what he was doing and he said saying goodbye. I didn't ask what that meant because I really didn't wanna know. He still does not remember it to this day."
Brittany and here family have since moved from that house. However, her and her family continue to experience strange activity in their new home. Here is the rest of her story.
"The house that I live in now is located in Cataract, Indiana, close to the other house I lived in. This house is sitting on 117 acres and on the land there are 3 ponds. The land lord told us that African Americans used to own the house back in the late 1800s and a lot of them were hung on their land because of their color. In the front yard, there are 4 pine trees and they have been there since the recent owners were brutally murdered. As of now, we are the first family to live in this house since they were killed. Inside the house there are 3 bedrooms upstairs, two bathrooms, and a full basement. My parents and my brother are upstairs and my room is in the basement. Nobody has seen anything very clear besides shadows and figures. Sometimes thick fog travels up the basement stairs , but after a couple of years you get used to the scary parts of your house. My mother hates being at home alone while me and my brother are at school because she can hear loud laughter/talking and someone walking up and down the steps. She used to call me at school while she locked her self in her room scared to death telling me what happened. I didn't know what to do beside get home schooled. After I started that I too started noticing the same things she had told me about, and it was weird because what ever it was it was just hanging out. It never hurt anything/anybody. Now that I'm used to it it's kinda like company when your alone. It also has a problem with taking things or rearranging things in the house, especially in my room the basement."
Here was my response to Brittany.

That is unnerving to say the least. You and your family could benefit from a blessing of the home or smudging of the property. If you are not religious you could try burning (carefully) Sage in your home in the areas that have the most activity. Based on what you have told me it sounds like you could have residual energy left behind as well as intelligent spirits around. For obvious reasons. Traumatic events such as these, that you have described, leave imprints behind on land and the very materials that homes are made of. In instances such as these where murders have taken place, I find it important to put the souls at peace and to release them. It might not be something that you and your ma can do alone. You may not want to change anything but if you do...and If you need some help finding individuals who may be able to assist you, let me know. I know of a number of groups set up to help people like yourselves, in a number of states, that do not charge. If you find someone that does, say thanks but no thanks.

My thanks to Brittany for taking the time to share her story with me and my readers. What do you all think Brittany and her family should do?

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