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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UFO In Virginia

Reader reports seeing a UFO in Glen Allen, Virginia.
"Today while sitting in my car it was around 5:30 PM, I saw a bright light flying kind of low in the sky. I watched it for around 3-4 seconds -- it totally vanished! Tonight my daughter and I were on the deck having a smoke and we both saw a floating reddish/yellow object roundish in the sky moving in a zigzag motion, there was an odd shaped bluish barely visible under the other object. 6 airplane's went near them with in a 10 minute time frame, when this happened, two object's (at different times) zoomed by the planes so fast, faster then anything I have ever seen, and vanished. 02/09/2008
On 03/08/2008 on about 5:30 to 6:00 PM, while sitting in my car which was facing southwest I saw a bright object flying way to low for a plane, the object was kind of tube shaped or bullet shaped and it was very bright yellow/white. I watched this object for 3 to 4 seconds until it VANISHED!

That same night, while standing on my deck, I saw a bright roundish light it for the most part was yellowish, under this object barely visible was a bluish object which was bigger and shaped like a tube or bullet. The roundish object "flashed" red, then blue, reddish/yellow (while doing this is seemed smaller) then back to the bright color, after it did this two object's (I couldn't tell the shape of them) zoomed faster then is even logical one went in the path of one of the plane's that was flying toward the bright roundish object and then they vanished. It seemed like object's at different times were going out of the bluish bullet shaped object. At one point one of the object's seemed to be chasing one of the planes in a northerly direction. The two object's I watched were (from my deck) in the southern sky. I would take a lie-detector test to prove what I am saying is true.

For the last 3 to 4 month's there have been object's zigzagging, and moving strangely. Flashing different colors then from a different part of the sky something flashing back the same colors in the same order, then object's begin "zooming" fast back and forth in the sky. I began noticing these things around the end of October/beginning of November. It is mostly in the southern sky or southwestern sky when I am seeing the objects."

Has anyone else seen strange lights in the west end of Glen Allen, Virginia?


Anonymous said...

We live on the east end of Richmond near the airport. My brother-in-law called my husband around 5:30am yesterday (March 13th) to let him know that he just saw a UFO. It was Triangular and silent. He thought it was some sort of weird helicopter, but realized this was not that.

This object was around the east end I295-I64 interchange, just above the tree line. He said he was pretty close to the object. We live approx 5 miles from the interchange and could see a bright light in the sky at the treeline. This looked similar to a star, but this wasn't that. This wasn't an airplane either (a commercial one) because this thing just hovered for awhile.

My husband left for work around 6am to Williamsburg. He told me that he saw it for a little until a jet (Possibly Air National Guard in Sandston) few towards it. The object went back towards the east in the opposite direction it was traveling in. He was able to take a picture of it with his cellphone.

I know others HAD to have seen this in the east end, especially those driving on the highway or Rt.60.

The Blogsquatcher said...

This is not so far away from my home and it's amazing to me that there have been no news reports about it. I have no doubt that folks are describing their experiences -- are their stories being looked into by anyone? And how many folks are seeing these things and *not* reporting it?

Anonymous said...

There is a Current UFO wave occurring outside Washington DC in and around Northern Virginia. There has been a noticeable increase of UFO reports in 2008. The latest sightings are occurring in the towns of Gainesville Va and Haymarket Va, which is about 40 miles outside Washington DC.
Virginia and Washington DC has always been an important hub for UFO's activity, especially ever since the famous UFO sightings of 1952.
Since 1998 another UFO wave started in and around DC and continues to this day.

Keep Your Eye's to the Skies

Anonymous said...

There is a current UFO wave in Virginia outside Washington DC. The reports have only increased in 2008. There have been a bunch of new sightings in Northern Virginia. The towns of Gainesville Va and Haymarket Va have been reporting many UFO's in there skies lately.

Anonymous said...

I live in Hampton Roads and just started searching the internet tonight looking for answers... Almost every night/early morning I see what looks like a bright star in the sky that will occasionally move in a zigzag pattern in short burst but very fast across the sky... sometimes it looks like it might have colored lights flashing on it... At first I thought maybe its a satellite/space station/predator or something that could be explained but I'm really not sure anymore, especially after seeing so many other reported sightings.

Aura said...

There seems to be a lot going on in your state. Stars do not do that-I think we will all agree. You should try and film this if possible.

Va UFO said...

The UFO Activity that has been reported in Virginia seems to be continuing and even increasing in 2009.

Here's one of the latest UFO reports from Virginia. This is a excellent report.

Date-January 2009
# Witnesses-15
Event-Flap/Ongoing UFO Sighting

This sighting has been an ongoing event which started in November 2005. The area these sightings are occurring is on my families farm in the rural county of Culpeper Virginia. It all started when we had a party in November of 2005. The lights were first noticed by a friend who said "what is that" I looked and saw what I can only describe as a long string of lights or something that looked similar to the Phoenix lights. There were approximately 15 people at the party and we were all baffled. The lights were bright white in color and looked like a ORB/sphere in shape. After about 15 minutes of viewing, I asked my friends if what we are seeing were flares from the near by Quantico Military base. Most agreed and than one said "Yep, I think your" but before he could finish his sentence someone else said "I have never seen flares move like that. Astonishingly the lights started to move in unison in a easterly direction. There were Approximately 10 lights, all were lined up in a straight line, from west to east, and seemed to make a noticeable outline of something HUGE. From our vantage point it looked to be at least 200-500 feet long and flying at an estimated 300-500 feet over the tree line. The lights moved slowly, approximately 2.5 miles and than started to turn north. Because of this turn the lights made a dip up and then gradually swept North. This is when we noticed there was another collection of lights on the bottom of this thing. I think this is when most of us realized this was something very special and quite extraordinary. After the lights completed their turn we were able to see the back which was comprised of what looked like eight lights, four on top four on the bottom. There also was a strange haze between the top and bottom lights, I'm not sure how to describe it but it was a blurry bluish haze. It was shortly after this when the lights faded from view as it continued to head north in the direction of Washington DC.
About 6 months later I received a phone call from one of my friends, he was also at the November party and saw the "Virginia Lights". He explained that he had camped the night before at the property and had another sighting of the lights. This time he said it didn't turn North but stayed due east in the direction of the Fredericksburg area. The reason I am reporting this to you now is that I had another sighting of the "Virginia Lights" this past weekend. This time the lights were further off in the distance when first spotted and again headed North but in a more North Easterly direction, again toward Washington DC. Interestingly, the lights seem to be rising out of the tree line which is approximately 1-3 miles distance. I have done some internet research on the lights and found there has been some very similar sightings occurring throughout the Northern Virginia area. In particular, there were many sightings in the vicinity of Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Gainesville and the Dale City and Woodbridge Va areas. The description of these sightings were so eerily similar and since this was the direction we saw the lights heading makes me think we must be seeing the same thing. That's all I have for now. You are welcome to contact me if you have any additional questions about this sighting. I hope this report helps you in your research.

Thanks, The Virginia Lights

KeepYouEyesToTheSkies said...

Hello Aura-
I just wanted to say Thank You for putting together a great Paranormal/UFO site.
Since I'm also from Virginia-I have really enjoyed reading all the recent UFO sightings and activity being reported there.
Have you ever had a UFO sighting?
I hope people continue to report there UFO sightings here.
Thanks again for a great site.

Aura said...

Thanks KYETTS-I have had an experience that I would classify as a UFO. Click on "my paranormal experiences" under popular posts to read about it.

Another Virginia UFO Sighting said...

June 15 2009

New Virginia UFO Sighting.

Another Virginia UFO Sighting is being reported on the local News.
This is the second Mass UFO Sighting in Virginia that has had wide media coverage.
The latest Sighting took place over the Amusement park Kings Dominion.
This is the Second Mass UFO Sighting in Virginia in Just a Month.
The news outlets will be reporting on this Sighting and I will keep you posted of any developments.

Keep Your Eyes To The Skies.

Kip Story said...

Gainesville Virginia, 2010
Northern Virginia-Outside Washington DC

Here's another list of the latest sightings being reported in Virginia.

There has been many new reports of sightings occurring in the Northern Va area outside Washington DC. Again they are occurring in and around the small town of Gainesville Va. These multiple reports are of multiple silent Triangular shaped objects moving through our skies with speeds unknown to conventional aircraft.
The reports have reported at least three (3) lights on each corner to as many as eight (8) four on each side. All the reports are consistent that there were know aircraft lights seen such as beacon lights(Blinking Lights) or landing lights of any type. I will keep you posted of the latest developments.


Mary said...

I live in Woodbridge VA, and I have been haing a "feeling" that they were here. I haven't seen one (actually 3 at the sametime) sense I was 11 or 12, but I know what I saw and i am scared to death of these things. They are NOT good, don't try to make contact. I don't know if i have ever been "taken", but I have over half the sighns that you read about. I am scared to death to even look at the pic of one, but have now wantd to fight my fear- its very hard. Id rather see a ghost or Freedy then one of those things.please keep me informed on you sightings. Thank you-Mary

Anonymous said...

does anyone remember the ufo sighting on carolina ave in the 1970s by a richmond police officer on patrol

Amy Gabel said...

My husband and I were at Kings Dominion last September and while walking in we, as well as a ton of other people saw something strange. We had only caught it out of the corner of our eyes and it happend so fast. However it left this strange ring in the sky. There were no air craft in the sky or helicopters and at first I thougjt it was something created by a show inthe park (it was my first visit), but others who actually saw it were acting slightly freighten. It looks like a ring of smoke. I have a photo and I am unsure how to upload it, but if anybody is interested in seeing it, I will gladly send it to them.

Anonymous said...

tonight there was about 15 or so very large orage ballspassing over Lynchburg. They were traveling very fast for a while, slowed, dimmed to orangish red for a while and then just disappeared. Very odd. we got some camera video but all you can see is formations of lights moving across the sky. It didn't pick up the colors. There was a few sets of three and after that, just what I call stragglers. All going the same direction and disappearing in about the same area. Was pretty cool to watch. no noise at all.