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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Haunted Virginia Home

Many believe Virginia to be one of the most haunted states in the US. Numerous battles were fought during the American Civil War all across the state, and today many of these took place near areas that are now being developed for homes and businesses. It is a popular belief in many cultures that hollowed ground should not be disturbed. Read this story sent in by one reader who's home has many strange and unexplained events going on.
"We moved to Glen Allen, VA in 2002. Within a month our dog began to sit in the living room growling and barking into the kitchen, no matter what we did he would not stop. We found that one of the lights in the kitchen would turn itself on and off at different times, the oven turned itself on as well. Before the years end I had gotten up real early in the morning and hear what sounded like people whispering in the living room, but when I got in there, it stopped, and the TV was not on same with the stereo. In the spring of 2003, I had been in a car accident, rear-ended by someone talking on a cell phone, and was not able to work anymore. One evening my husband and I went to bed. He woke me up by siting up and putting his hand over my month and telling me to be quite. There was whispering in the spare room next to our room, and it sounded like someone was in the house plus the dog was making a low growling noise. He got up to see if our house was being broke in to, but when he went in the spare room there wasn't anyone there, or any where in the home, except our dog and us. The following mid-morning while I was lying down in our bed (from the accident) our two dogs, that were outside in the pen located on the side of the house where our room and the spare room are, began to bark. I heard a woman's voice and she said "Hi there." I looked out the widows but no one was there, but the dogs were acting weird. Things were quite for a while.

It became fall and once again our house dog began to growl and bark at the kitchen. The oven began to turn itself on again, the light seemed to have a mind of its own, and now the burners on the stove started to change temp's, turn on by themselves plus we heard the whispering again. While I was in the kitchen cooking I saw a black shadow (no definable shape) moving between the floor and counter, our dog ran to me and sat on my feet, barking. We would be in the living room and hear what sounded like someone walking where the bedrooms are located, when checked, nothing was there. This went on all fall and part of the winter, then things would be normal. One of our adult kids came to visit that summer. He slept in the spare room. One morning he got up and asked if something was wrong with the room. He said that the bed had been moving up and down during the night and that he saw a red light in the room that moved around. The week he was here in that room he said every night something was wrong in the room, he heard a womans voice but couldn't understand what was said, the bed moved another night and even after being teased about it, he stuck to his story. After he left I heard knocking on the window in the same room during the day, but nothing was there, while he had been here a few changes had been made in the house, painting and such. Things were quite for a good while.

One of our daughters moved in the following spring, at first things were fine, but then I saw a very large shadow that had no shape in the corner of the living room. The dog wouldn't go near that area and barked at it, my daughter saw it too. the house began to feel "uncomfortable" and that area seemed darker than the rest of the living room no matter what time it was. Things would start to disappear then show up somewhere else in the house days later if they showed up ever again. My daughter's personalty changed, and she was asked to leave. After she left the shadow was gone.
We spoke with the people who lived here before us and asked them if anything was off, or odd here when they lived here. We were told yes, when they did some work on the house things were real off here, but they figured that it was her grandmother who passed on while living here around that time a neighbor down the road told us she had found some civil war gravestones on her land in the woods.

The neighbor, a real nice man behind us passed on. Their daughter lives in a house on their land in front of their house in which his mother had lived in until she passed on. On Halloween night I saw a shadow figure of a man walking down that driveway, which goes by the house the daughter lives in. His wife began to tell us that while she was lying on the couch at night to sleep (she couldn't bring herself to sleep in their room) she heard someone walking on the front porch, but when she looked, no one was there and that someone was banging or knocking loudly at night on her door. She put up motion lights. The daughter told us the something happened at her house at night, she too put up lights.

Things continued to happen over here on and off like the dishwasher on wheels when it would be connected to the water and power to run, the water would turn off, plus the light that seemed to have a mind of its own was doing its thing. I had to take off the burner knobs so the burners couldn't turn on by themselves because on several mornings I would get up in the morning and they would be on along with the oven. One night I was standing in the kitchen waiting for the dishwasher to be done using the water when I saw a shadow (no shape) moving on the floor, by me then in between the stove and dishwasher, suddenly the light over the stove turned off and at the same time the light (that has a mind of it's own) turned on. The dog ran out of the kitchen. I shut off the dishwasher and left the room.

One of our other daughters moved in, while she was here all this continued plus puddles of water in the middle of the bathroom floor started showing up and in the hallway making the carpet wet. My daughter was out one night, we just went to bed when I heard banging or loud knocking at the door, and a woman's voice saying "help me." I went to one door, my husband went to the other door, no one was there, not even a head light or tail light from a car. One morning we woke up and on the middle of the couch on the cushion is an imprint of a fore arm and hand, my husband, myself, my father and daughter all tried to brush it off to no avail. My daughter moved out. Yesterday morning there was a puddle of water in the middle of the bathroom floor, nothing is leaking in the bathroom. I spoke to my neighbor down the road and she reminded me of the civil war gravestones she has in her yard and add that her neighbor's boy's while playing in the wooded area of their land had come across gravestones too. We are moving."

footnote: there is a lot of developing and construction going on in this area


UniqueNurseGranny said...

Great account.Construction stir things up more?Love your blog.

Aura said...

Thanks, seems to be so. Renovations/construction in some cases is believed to be what "awakens" things...

Autumn said...

It sounds like something is diffentaly going on in that house. Weird!
I just found your blog and you have some great post on here. I will be back for a closer look
My main blog is Autumns Meadow, but I have a new paranormal blog, the link is on the main page. Stop by sometime

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was reading your story about your home. Well please let me introduce myself. My name is Val. I am a paranormal investigator and I was wondering if you were still living on the property. If you are interested in learning more about me or my group. Please visit us at any or all of the websites.


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