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Friday, April 18, 2008

Top 5 Ghost Videos

Over time, as many of you know, I have posted videos of strange and unexplained ghostly footage. Here are my top 5 ghost videos which I believe to contain the most credible footage out there. Enjoy friends!

Gettysburg Ghost Footage- Do you see the human shaped figures moving about in the trees? Copyright Delia and Tom Underwood

St. Augustine Lighthouse- One of my all time favorites from Ghost Hunters.

Ghost Adventures- If only they did not run! Still great footage though.

Fort Mifflin Reveal- Another great investigation by TAPS.

Black Forest Haunting- For this one you have to click the link I provide at the end of my post. It's worth the read.


Bob Johnson said...

These are all great finds Aura but my fav was one I saw that you posted when A person got hit in an intersection and the spirit kept on walking like nothing happened

Aura said...

Oh yea, I remember that one...you know I never was able to see "it"!?!It was not an easy video to watch...really sad.

Thanks for stopping by buddy :)