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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lake Ontario UFO

This story was recently sent to me by a reader here in Canada. There have been a number of UFO sightings near Lake Ontario in recent times. Here is one of them.
"This might seem like the most unbelievable story and of course I don’t have any photographic evidence, but in July of 2005, my parents and I were invited to a friend’s house near Lake Ontario just south of our house in Ajax. While we were going to pick my sister up to join us, I spotted a very white, shinny object emanating in the eastern part of the sky. It was a sunny day and there were a few white puffy clouds in the sky. I got out of the car and my dad did also and the object could be seen as a long white cylindrical shaft angled at about 30-50 degrees pointing downward. It was falling at a steady rate towards the lake and had NO and I repeat NO TAIL whatsoever like a comet or and airplane at these altitudes. It appeared for a few minutes but then disappeared behind another large cloud. We watched it and this object must have been large and far up to have been able to be seen and amount to the size of another object that was soon to appear. We estimated that it must have been over eastern Whitby or Oshawa or even further east. Then as we were about to go get my sister, a small black dot that had swooped in from no where and was falling almost the exact path the object was falling downward. It had a tail and we thought it was one of those fighter jets like an F-16 or something similar. By the way my dads one of those buffs on airplanes and history (or at least he thinks he is sometimes) but this time he seemed to be right. Now here's the kicker! The next day my dad called the NORAD service for what was going on in the airspace at that time. We as Canadians have the right to know these things like you or I. But for some ODD reason the person we called gave us the second degree. Not willing to tell us what was going on and seemed skittish/reluctant to tell us. He said many different things like “there was nothing there at that time” and “I don’t have to give you that information” and so on. So he finally hung up on my dad saying “we are very busy at this time please call back at a more appropriate time.” So my dad just left it at that and for three years now I have always been wondering what the object was. A “UFO”, a missile, even though it had no tail and was VERY shiny due to the suns glare, or if it was some experiment for a new kind of airplane? I am one of those people who do believe in some conspiracies, but I'm not one of those crazies you see saying they were abducted and had a baby for the aliens. But, I am a person who is open minded to most things. I wish to share this story because someone either than myself or father must have seen this and would like to know how large indeed this object was.

~Forgot to enclose some info. It was around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, our car was facing an easterly position. I believe the object was high enough to have crash landed into the lake or even across to the US."
My thanks to Ted for taking the time to write and send in his experience. If anyone in the area remembers seeing something unusual during July 2005, contact me with your story or leave a comment here.

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