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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Paul Shishis

From the age of eight years old, Paul Shishis has had numerous sightings of UFOs and one close encounter. In 1967, Paul had his first of many sightings. He also vividly remembers having a number of recurring dreams between 1963-1965, where he was "being carried by tall white creatures, as two walked side by side with a robotic motion and remember being given a intense white light-with crushing results in the chest." After many years of trying to forget these nightmares, Paul came to the realization that they represented something real and beyond comprehension. Coincidentally, while Paul was having these "nightmares", witnesses were reporting seeing unidentified flying objects in the area. One of these sightings took place in August, 1965, making local news. Paul was kind enough to send me the newspaper article from this sighting.

On August 4, 1977, Paul had a close encounter with a pear shaped craft outside of his place of work. This sighting made headlines in the local paper and Paul reported the incident to NUFORC. (Read Paul's Report)

Here is a detailed drawing that Paul drew from that night.

In 2003, Paul had an profound realization about his many sightings and experiences with UFOs. This awakening has since gained him a different perspective on life. It is his belief that our planet and species are in peril. His mission is to tell his story truthfully and raise awareness about the "higher forces surrounding us. "

To date, Paul has had over 90 sightings of UFOs, his most recent taking place just this past March. He has seen objects of all shapes and sizes. From classic rods and orb shaped to oblong and star shaped. On a number of occasions, Paul was with others who also witnessed the mysterious objects. Paul has sent me a number of photographs taken of mysterious looking objects that do not appear to have been manipulated in any way. Over time, with Paul's permission, I will post the photos on my site.

My thanks to Paul for all that he has sent and for sharing his most remarkable experiences with me.

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