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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ULOs - Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed

ULOs-Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed In NASA Photography, by Allan Sturm, is a book filled with 390 images of "anomalous shapes that appear artificial to the Moon’s landscape and resist identification as known lunar geological features". With 16 years of experience in graphic design and photography, Allan decided to take his collection of NASA images and put them in one book.

Here are two photographs from his collection showing these anomalous shapes/structures.

My thanks to Allan for sending me this information. The book will be available to the public next week online through Allan's site - www.lunomaly.com
Be sure to check his site out, as he provides important information on how he became interested in lunar anomalies, how he came across these images and the process he took to bring poor quality images back to life.

Great work!


GL said...

Interesting stuff. I've seen some of Sturms's work before in virtual worlds.

aura said...

The book is sure to be a hit! Be sure to check out his site, well done.

Bob Johnson said...

Aura, this could be very interesting, I'm still a big skeptic when it comes down to it,my major concern, why don't they ever tell you where to go to find the original photo, point me in the direction of where they found it so I can go to it on a NASA or the originating site before it was enhanced myself and 1: see it really exsisted in the first place and 2: see it in the original form, they do this, I will buy it, but they wont they never do, too bad Aura.

Aura said...

Hey bob!!

Check out his site. He gives details as to how he obtained the photos and a link to the site where he got them from. Plus, the process that he took to bring back poor resolution pictures.

Sherer said...

Aura, here is my question for you. What is the best piece of evidence you have gathered for either ghosts or extra terrestrials?

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Aura, I read your link to him, I do know how he says he got them, I would like a link to the Images he enhanced that's all, for example the 2 images in your post, I can tell from looking at them, the originals there is something odd and cool without the enhancement, I would like to know where he found those, the original link back, that would be too cool, as I can tell just from looking at the originals somethings is off, know what I mean?

Aura said...

Hey bob, I can see that. I will write Allan and forward him your question. See what he says :)

Aura said...

Sherer, so you want to pick my brain, eh? Cool..as for ghosts/hauntings are concerned, my childhood home and the experiences I and family members/friends had there is evidence that the paranormal realm exists. My mother saw her mom's spirit standing a the foot of her bed shortly after marrying my father. Objects that defy gravity move there, footsteps, doors open and close by an unseen hand/force. The list goes on...as for extra terrestrials...Roswell.

A1 said...

Hi everyone,

There is some question to as whether or not I (as an author) babble on about these strange geometric shapes on the lunar surface and never reveal the Apollo photo archive ID's or if I make it easy for the reader to do their own research. I know that during my research, it was sometimes very difficult to find certain images due to improperly referenced image ID's. I chose to stick with LPI's naming convention for all images used so that there is less confusion.

"ULOs - Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed In NASA Photography" is broken down by Apollo mission, then by archive photo (with ID), and then additional pages of ULO enlargements.

Additionally, each ULO enlargement is referenced back to the full Apollo photo which has an overlay of boxes identifying where each of the ULOs presented are located within the 'big picture'. This book is not pocket sized (it's 10 inches wide) and you'll be able to spot the ULOs in the full frame rather easily.

What started as a coffee table book of cool photos taken by astronauts turned into something I would have never expected! I invite everyone to first read the entire text of the book online at www.Lunomaly.com . Please note that there are additional illustrative images padding the text in the print version.

You may also be interested to know that I did not use any of the ULOs or 'structures on the Moon' as seen on the Internet or in other books. This is all fresh research and I'm not borrowing from anyone else's previous findings.

Thank you all for your interest!

Allan Sturm

P.S. At a recent prerelease book signing here in Tucson, Arizona, I had engineers and architects standing there scratching their heads in bewilderment as they stared at many of the ULOs that you'll see in the book.

Allan Sturm said...

I can't believe it's been 6 years since this thread was started. A lot has happened in my life since then but I stopped by to mention that my website (Lunomaly.com) is up again and that if this topic still interests you, I was the associate producer for the upcoming SyFy Channel Event Special "Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed" airing this Sunday, July 20th at 9pm (EST)- Also, since I'm tired of ignoring requests for my first book, ULOs - Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed in NASA Photography, I made the ebook version available again. Anyone seriously interested in researching this topic further is welcome to contact me!

Jim Post said...

Here is some food for thought...Based on the rapid advancement of technology by man in just the last 10-20 years,and the obvious unexplainable technology of thousands of years ago, these things are not Aliens but possibly ancient human civilization that destroyed itself except for a small collective that escaped and endeavored to give humanity a new start without the technology that ultimately was its demise.