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Friday, April 04, 2008

Haunted House In Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia is home to one of the most haunted cities in America. Read this haunting experience a reader had while renting a home in Atlanta, Georgia.
"Hello. I lived at the above address from 1997 to 1999. My family, myself and many of my friends had strange experiences that ranges from creepy to out right terrifying. Voices were heard in conversation that sounded like a woman and two men. My then four year old kept insisting that he saw a man in the mirror with a "string" around his neck. Shadows of people would move about and lights turned on and off. I awoke one night to the sound of a woman laughing and ice pouring out of the ice maker and all over the kitchen floor. Twice human teeth were found in the bathroom. There had been a crawl space under the house, but it had been concreted over. There was a foul odor that came and went on the back porch. All in all, when the landlord became ill and we had to move, no one was sad. Thanks, R."
I have chosen to withhold the address out of respect for anyone who may live there now and the property itself. My thanks to R. for sharing this experience with us.


Anonymous said...


There has been a spate of enquiries on the net about a rare metal
plaque from ancient India called the KAILASHA DHANARAKSHA YANTRA
TALISMAN. Believed to have been created by Hindu Rishis, Buddhist
Lamas and Tantric shamans atop the holy Mount Kailash following a
twelve year period of ritual fasting, this appears to be an authentic
item from the past considering the degree of interest generated
around the world.

Cast in crude brass sometime in circa 812-824 AD (more than 1180
years ago), it is believed that only one piece exists. It is hand-
made from a brass mould in the shape of a large flat pendant. The
disc-shape is an imperfect (irregular) circle. The brass plate is
reportedly thick along one arc of its circumference and thin on
There is a small projection in the form of a brass loop on the top
circumference to pass a string or thong.
Twelve animals similar to the Chinese calendar are depicted on the
front face in a circle, along and around its circumference. Close to
the edge of the brass plates are tiny circles forming a chain of
spots. Towards the centre are eight sets of three broken lines placed
in an octagon as seen on a Korean flag, within a serrated circle of
5.9 cm. The centre has worm-like symbolic markings drawn in nine
boxes. Dividing a circle into nine parts with serrated lines forms
the boxes.
Size: Diameter 10.3 cm (vertically)
10.6 cm (horizontally)
The loophole at the top is about 3 mm diameter to pass a string or
Weight : Exactly 220 gms.
How to Distinguish the Original:
On the reverse the brass plate is flat, crudely finished by hand, as
if beaten to shape. No symbols, designs or impressions have been
engraved on this side. Yet this side is like a `finger-print',
because the original imperfections on the rough surface provide clear
markings in metal to distinguish the real talisman from any attempts
at imitation. So to distinguish the original relic against any
imitations, one needs to only examine the reverse (rear) face of this
locket. The imperfections of the metal cast and especially of its
crudely finished reverse must exactly match the only authentic
photograph of it, taken in 1960 by Keshav Prasad Goenka, father of
the media magnate Rama Prasad Goenka. The crude impressions on this
reverse side cannot be duplicated in brass even by the best of
forgers as it is pockmarked with unique imperfections.
Today this relic is believed to be in South India, possibly in
Bangalore city. It is probably with a private collector. This was the
information abuzz as late as January 2007.
Buyers and treasure hunters are willing to pay any and every body who
can locate the item for them to negotiate immediate and spot purchase
of the talisman. A price of upto USD $ 20 million has been offered by
one buyer. This appears to be a genuine enquiry.
The Talisman (so the story goes) bestowed wealth to many families in
the world as it exchanged hands many times in history. People who
have possessed it have been mysteriously rewarded with untold wealth.
Individuals who possed this lucky charm at some period in their lives
(so the story goes) include marco Polo, John Dee, Francois Berenger
Sauniere, Marie Denarnaud, Alexandra david Neel, Viceroy and Lady
Curzon, Sultan of Brunei, Howard Huges, Dhirubai Ambani and a host of
others who have made it rich in their lifetimes merely by possession
of this talisman. The talisman is believed to be possessed by a
Tibetian 'tulpa', a spirit or 'thought form'.
This piece if it truely exists should be granted a public exhibition
like they did with the moon-rock back in 1969-70.
Anyhow, it makes a good and interesting story.

Anonymous said...


My wife and I have a strong reason to leave a comment on this page.

The story of the Kailash Dhanaraksha Yantra Talisman is a strange story, but not altogether unbelievable. The story of strange and unexplained phenomena occuring among inanimate articles and objects is an area that science has not delved into sufficiently, and my wife and I have had first-hand experience of this phenomena that we shall never forget in our lifetime.

On a trek during a visit to Nepal back in 1984, my wife and I were once accosted by a "spirit" that suddenly appeared from behind a tree thirty feet or so in front of us. The wind was blowing in strong gusts, and like some kind of animation horror movie, the dead leaves around a tree some yards in front of us took the form of a small "man-like" creature.

All of us almost immediately stopped in our tracks in shock and amazement. The local guide accompanying us was a man of Tibetian origin, whose family lived in Ladakh, India. He immediately yelled out to us to sit down and remain still, while he chanted some prayers. The figure before us slowly disintegrated into a heap of twigs and leaves leaving us a little frightened and bewildered, and wondering whether we were imagining things. Our guide explained to us that it was a "tulpa" wandering out of a local monastery,the first time my wife and I had heard about this "thought-form".

Later when we related this incident to friends in Florida, some of them laughed and referred to something called a "dust-devil", a small and commonly occurring twister that often appears to chase you.

We were unable to convince anyone that what we had seen was quite something else! The dry and dead leaves had risen from the floor of the forest and had taken a clear human-like form, NOT twisting and twirling in the wind. The gust of wind was definitely there, but something human-like was moving in our direction from a thickly wooded area. A clearly visible head, bilaterally symetrical shoulders, arms, and two feet that took definite "strides" in our direction were clearly visible to all of us. It was no dust-devil or twisting swirl of leaves. Besides it was broad daylight.

This first-hand experience makes me believe that the story about the Kailash Dhanaraksha Yantra Talisman must be very true. In the West we have yet to learn some of the strangest spiritual accomplishments(?) of the Orient.

Aura said...

Thanks for these great posts. I will be making the last comment a post. Great story!

Anonymous said...

Strange myths, legends and altogether inexplicable stories emerge from India and Tibet. Especially from the Himalayan region.

There is another story being debated on the internet. It is a very curious one. Something about a Hindu metal idol called the "KALPA VIGRAHA" used by the CIA in experiments conducted in the 1960s that caused a number of people to develop strong immune systems and increase their longevity. Amazing!