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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oldnall Road Ghost

A number of near crashes along a country road in the UK are being blamed on the appearance of a ghostly apparition of a young girl. The apparition has been seen wearing a Victorian dress and appearing to motorists at night along Oldnall Road. Several motorists have reported having to swerve; nearly causing an accident to avoid hitting the child.

Paranormal investigators are currently investigating the claims. So far, a rational explanation has not been found.


Anonymous said...

Me and 2 friends had a walk all the way through, and then walked back, saw nothing :S

Aura said...

Could be nothing, or could be that this apparition is a residual and has a specific time that it appears. You could have missed it.

Thanks for your comment and for stopping by :P

Mark said...

Interesting. I really enjoyed reading this entry.

Aura said...

Thanks Mark.

A.P.H.I.D said...

I belong to a newly-founded paranormal investigation organisation. I believe that there is something on this road that is causing a 'black spot'. We have recently began an investigation in this matter and i will be happy to update you when our investigation concludes.

The Sercret said...

what area in the uk is this the oldnall rd in kidderminster? please let me know as im thinking of moving onto that rd.