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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sea Monster Washes Ashore!?!

Last week news broke of a dead "monster" washing ashore in Montauk, NY. This news had the internet abuzz with all sorts of speculations as to the origins of this creature. Reports of a government testing facility nearby spun stories of an experimental animal mutation gone wrong. Others believe that it is a unknown sea creature yet to be discovered.

My take: At first glace it looks like a turtle with no shell. Second glance- I see a dog-like body with the face of a rodent. Not sure what to make of this - I do not think that it is a sea monster though. Could be nothing more than a hoax. Witnesses say that a guy picked up the body and took it away saying it was going to be mounted on his wall.

See picture
and decide for yourself what you are seeing.


GL said...

It looks like a normal, known animal that has been ravaged by decomp and exposure.

It's amazing the amount of stories that popped up after the pics came out.

Steve said...

Yeah, I read about that. I think some scientists said that they were sure that it was a decomposing cat and that the body had swelled up with the build up of gasses inside it. The beak like look of the top jaw was caused by part of the cats(?) face having already been eaten away.

Anonymous said...

it looks like a griffin without wings...weird.