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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Blog New Look

After many months of consideration, I have decided to upgrade my blog. I have lost my 3-column layout, but my site looks practically the same in different browsers-which is important to us bloggers.

I hope you all like the new look


Rand said...

Hey Aura, looking really nice, very striking with the different shade of blue, everything seems to stand out more to, seems easier to read.

Just one thing, the header image seems pretty large, the title and description are being cut off to the right.

Other than that looking awesome.

Aura said...

Thanks Rand! I finally gave in to the upgrade. Thanks for your tip on the header. My monitors are all large and it looks fine at my end. I have adjusted it and hope that it looks better. Let me know-

Rand said...

No probs Aura. I think it's on my end though, well it's definitely on my end, I always have my bookmarks sidebar thingy open, it uses a bunch of pixel space, your header looks fine when I close the bookmarks thing.

The thing I've noticed with my stats is that nearly 50% of my visitors have a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, so as a rule I try to keep everything under 1000 pixels. Your header image is at 1185 width in pixels which could potentially be affecting 50% of your visitors. On the other hand the other 50% would have no problem at all.

Well, I'm getting tired now, starting to sound like a robot, have a good one Aura and I'll check ya later.

Aura said...

Yeah, my visitors make up 40% of that screen resolution. I have trimmed it a bit more too 1100x200 as the next largest number of users are at 1280x800 SR. Thanks again for your feedback-much appreciated friend. TTYS *wink wink*

Haunted TUNA said...

Heyhey, I like it, it looks more "organized" now :)

I thought you had a Categories-section before? no? maybe I'm wrong...?


Aura said...

Heyhey haunted tuna! Glad you like it-thanks for your feedback. I never had a categories section before-working on one that will show my top posts though-ttys

Haunted TUNA said...

Oh, ok ..
Yes, Top Posts sounds like a great idea

Haunted TUNA said...

Ohh, I spotted the "Popular Posts" section now!