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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Our Spirit Dog Returns

Recently, my mother phoned to tell me of a personal experience she and my father had at home. It was late one night and they were both getting ready for bed when they heard the distinct sound of our dog ( Sasha passed away in 2006) walking on their hardwood floors. Anyone who has a dog who hated having its nails trimmed and a home with hardwood flooring would know this sound. Anyways, it lasted a few minutes before all became silent again and they turned in for the night. A short time later, my mother got up to use the bathroom, and when she returned to bed she felt as though her hand was being licked. Moments later she felt our dog jump onto the bed and cuddle up beside her - this was a nightly routine when Sasha was alive. My mom was very comforted by this and did not startle or wake my father. The next morning, my father told my mother that he felt Sasha jump onto their bed and cuddled along side of him - before my mom told him of her experience.

In the years since her passing, they have had a number of experiences with Sasha's spirit. After such a tragic passing, it's comforting to know that she lives on.

Spirit Dog


Liz said...

For a brief moment, I thought your story was going to be akin to the old story girls told at sleep-overs, where the person thinks the dog is licking her hand under the bed and it turns out to be a murderer, instead!

Wonderful story. I wish I could feel the spirit of our lost cat that way. That hasn't happened in our house, sadly, though a woman haunted my childhood home (it was a pretty old house). I never saw her, but several siblings did, all independently, so I believe in her absolutely.

For some of the science behind unexplained psychic phenomena and paranormal events, you might find "Something Unknown" interesting. It's a documentary (available on DVD) that provides the scientific evidence and explanation behind psychic phenomena. It's not dry and dull, it's quirky and fascinating, with celebrities and leading experts in the field.

Aura said...

Thanks for your comment! Spirits (in all forms) are around us....

Thanks for the heads up on the doc- I will check it out.