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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ghost Of Goodnight Lane

Director Alin Bijan brings us a chilling, new, independent, horror film inspired by actual events occurring at his production company, Media World Studios, located in Dallas, Texas. The film is called "Ghost Of Goodnight Lane" and stars Billy Zane (Titanic), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), Danielle Harris (Halloween), Matt Dallas (Kyle XY), along with Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down) is currently in production and being filmed on location at the haunted studio.  Story Line: "When the staff inside a renovated film studio finds a co-worker dead one morning, the pieces of a forty year puzzle add up to an angry ghost who has let the last person step inside her house. But will they ever get out alive?" (IMDb)

For a number of years, Bijan, staff and visitors have experienced paranormal activity there. They began keeping a daily log of the strange events which includes seeing an apparition of an unknown man, heavy equipment moving on its own and a person getting slapped in the face by an invisible hand. Recently, a paranormal investigative team came to the studio and conducted a series of field tests. Their findings along with the recorded EVP evidence concluded that the building is haunted.

As a huge fan of horror films, especially those based on true events, I am excited for this film. I will post the trailer as soon as it is released.

Here is a clip from Good Morning Texas - Billy Zane Does Dallas 
Also be sure to read Paranormal Experts: Ghosts Haunt Dallas Film Set!

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