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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soul Catcher: Trail of Fears

Talented filmmakers Philip and Christopher Booth recently released another paranormal documentary film called Soul Catcher: Trail Of Fears. A dark and tragic period in American history is brought back to life by the Booth Brother's. The film takes its viewers on a "supernatural expedition" into the Native American spirit world - exposing the horrifying reality of Indian boarding schools and the inhumane injustices done to the children that were taken from their parents and sent there.  Some of the best EVP and thermal imaging evidence to date has been captured in this film.  A must see!!

This movie, along with their other films, can be purchased online at Spooked TV.

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Challenge Your Reality said...

Interesting!!! I love the paranormal and great blog!! Do you think you could follow my blog or recommend it to others? I'm having trouble getting this thing off the ground :\