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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Children Of The Grave II

Next month, The Booth Brothers will release the sequel to their hit paranormal documentary film 'Children Of The Grave'. Once again, filmmakers Philip and Christopher Booth, along with a team of paranormal investigators traveled the states to uncover more true hauntings of ghost children. One site that the filmmakers chose for the sequel is a well-known, haunted location in Illinois called Ashmore Estates. Like its predecessor, Children Of  The Grave 2 is sure to leave viewers in shock and with an awareness of America's tainted history involving precious, innocent children. As a result, the spirits of these unfortunate children have become lost and forgotten; trapped at the very locations that hold onto their souls. 

If you are unfamiliar with Philip and Christopher's films- you have been missing out! The paranormal documentary-style films that they produce are unmatched in the industry and sure to leave you SPOOKED!

Post Sources: Spooked Television News, Children Of The Grave 2

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