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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Intro to 'The Limestone City' - Canada's Most Haunted City

City Hall
Photo Copyright Marica Sutic
When it comes to haunted places, there are few cities in Canada that can compare to Kingston, Ontario. The city's heritage, geographic location and construction combined play a key role in the amount of paranormal activity that has occurred there.

Centuries ago when European explorers came to North America, the waterways surrounding Kingston were vital routes for fur trappers and traders. This made the area highly sought after by the different nations seeking an alliance with natives and control over the trade.
Kingston, Ontario
Photo Copyright Marica Sutic
Soon after an important military influence became established. The strategic placement of its many garrisons were monumental in their protection of Upper Canada in times of conflict. Kingston is situated at the point where these three main waterways (Lake Ontario, The Rideau Canal and the St. Lawrence River) converge. One popular theory in the paranormal field is that water acts a conduit for paranormal activity. Energy is drawn to energy. Water has and will always be a powerful and vital element, perhaps these waterways provide the necessary "charge" needed for manifestations. Kingston is nicknamed 'The Limestone City' for its many beautiful, historic buildings constructed entirely out of this rock. Limestone is abundant in the region, and the buildings in Kingston were literally built from the ground up. Limestone is believed to both absorb energy and amplify paranormal activity.  The 'Stone Tape Theory' hypothesizes that human energy can imprint in natural materials made up from the elements of Earth; playing over and over like a recording when released.

Recently I was fortunate to spend a weekend here - wandering the city while being taken in by the charm of this historical gem.


Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping your time in Kingston was productive! I've seen information regarding the city before, and it is on my top 10 list of haunted locales to visit. I'll be sure to head to Steve's YouTube to see what came of the adventure! Cheers!

Kelly Croslis said...

Pennhurst is an interesting place. I live only an hour from there and have visited several times.