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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stone Tape Theory

One theory which may explain residual hauntings is the "stone tape theory". A number of paranormal researchers believe that buildings and materials are able to absorb energy from living things. The belief is that tragic events, grief and other strong emotions can be imprinted at a location and replay like a tape. According to popular belief there is no intelligent ghost or spirit involved in this type of haunting, only the energy left behind from a past event. The Tower of London is believed to be the site of one of the most famous residual hauntings.

What causes one to be able to see this type of haunting is still up for debate and not everyone is convinced that this theory holds any truth.


GL said...

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to correlate this with instances where the building is removed and where claims of residual hauntings do or do not persist.

Angela said...

Interesting, I'd never heard that one before. But here in Hawaii stones are often recognized as having energy or even spirits; as being alive, in their own way, so to speak. Hmm.

Aura said...

This is one of the better theories out there. I think that it is possible. I also think that water plays an important role in these types of hauntings. Like some sort of conductor.

good point gl.