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Monday, April 07, 2008

Allan Sturm's Response

Author Allan Sturm takes time to reply to your questions regarding his latest book "ULOs - Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed In NASA Photography". His comment can also be found at my original post.
Hi everyone,

There is some question to as whether or not I (as an author) babble on about these strange geometric shapes on the lunar surface and never reveal the Apollo photo archive ID's or if I make it easy for the reader to do their own research. I know that during my research, it was sometimes very difficult to find certain images due to improperly referenced image ID's. I chose to stick with LPI's naming convention for all images used so that there is less confusion.

"ULOs - Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed In NASA Photography" is broken down by Apollo mission, then by archive photo (with ID), and then additional pages of ULO enlargements.

Additionally, each ULO enlargement is referenced back to the full Apollo photo which has an overlay of boxes identifying where each of the ULOs presented are located within the 'big picture'. This book is not pocket sized (it's 10 inches wide) and you'll be able to spot the ULOs in the full frame rather easily.

What started as a coffee table book of cool photos taken by astronauts turned into something I would have never expected! I invite everyone to first read the entire text of the book online at www.Lunomaly.com . Please note that there are additional illustrative images padding the text in the print version.

You may also be interested to know that I did not use any of the ULOs or 'structures on the Moon' as seen on the Internet or in other books. This is all fresh research and I'm not borrowing from anyone else's previous findings.

Thank you all for your interest!

Allan Sturm

P.S. At a recent prerelease book signing here in Tucson, Arizona, I had engineers and architects standing there scratching their heads in bewilderment as they stared at many of the ULOs that you'll see in the book.
My Thanks to Allan!

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