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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Tulpa

Tulpa-In Tibetan mysticism a tulpa is the concept of a being or object which is created through sheer willpower alone. (wiki)

Here is a recent comment from my post: Haunted House In Atlanta, Georgia.
My wife and I have a strong reason to leave a comment on this page.

The story of the Kailash Dhanaraksha Yantra Talisman is a strange story, but not altogether unbelievable. The story of strange and unexplained phenomena occurring among inanimate articles and objects is an area that science has not delved into sufficiently, and my wife and I have had first-hand experience of this phenomena that we shall never forget in our lifetime.

On a trek during a visit to Nepal back in 1984, my wife and I were once accosted by a "spirit" that suddenly appeared from behind a tree thirty feet or so in front of us.
Here is a comment that was recently added to my Haunted House In Atlanta, Georgia post.

"The wind was blowing in strong gusts, and like some kind of animation horror movie, the dead leaves around a tree some yards in front of us took the form of a small "man-like" creature.

All of us almost immediately stopped in our tracks in shock and amazement. The local guide accompanying us was a man of Tibetian origin, whose family lived in Ladakh, India. He immediately yelled out to us to sit down and remain still, while he chanted some prayers. The figure before us slowly disintegrated into a heap of twigs and leaves leaving us a little frightened and bewildered, and wondering whether we were imagining things. Our guide explained to us that it was a "tulpa" wandering out of a local monastery,the first time my wife and I had heard about this "thought-form".

Later when we related this incident to friends in Florida, some of them laughed and referred to something called a "dust-devil", a small and commonly occurring twister that often appears to chase you.

We were unable to convince anyone that what we had seen was quite something else! The dry and dead leaves had risen from the floor of the forest and had taken a clear human-like form, NOT twisting and twirling in the wind. The gust of wind was definitely there, but something human-like was moving in our direction from a thickly wooded area. A clearly visible head, bilaterally symmetrical shoulders, arms, and two feet that took definite "strides" in our direction were clearly visible to all of us. It was no dust-devil or twisting swirl of leaves. Besides it was broad daylight.

This first-hand experience makes me believe that the story about the Kailash Dhanaraksha Yantra Talisman must be very true. In the West we have yet to learn some of the strangest spiritual accomplishments(?) of the Orient."
My thanks to the person who submitted this experience.

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