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Friday, July 20, 2007

Spooklights / Ghost Lights

In the past, I have written posts on spooklights and their mysterious origins. Here are a number of locations, which may be close to where you live, where these strange lights can be seen.

Anson Lights -- Abilene, Texas
Bragg Road/Big Thicket/Saratoga Ghost Light -- Between Saratoga and Bragg, Texas
Brown Mountain Lights -- Brown Mountain, North Carolina
Belfast Light -- Belfast, Virginia
Bingham Light -- Dillon, South Carolina
Chapel Hill Light -- Chapel Hill, Tennessee
The Cohoke Light -- West Point, Virginia
Codgell Spooklight -- Codgell, Georgia
Crossett Light -- Crossett, Arkansas
Dover Lights -- Dover, Arkansas
Gurdon Ghost Light -- Gurdon, Arkansas
Haldeman Light -- Haldeman, Kentucky
Hansell Road -- Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Hornet/Joplin/Seneca Ghost Light -- Missouri/Oklahoma Border
The Maco Light -- Wilmington, North Carolina
Marfa Lights -- Marfa, Texas
Ontario Lights -- Ontario, Canada
Oxford Light -- Oxford, Ohio
Paulding Light -- Watersmeet, Michigan
Scugog Island -- Ontario, Canada
Senath Light -- Arbyrd, Missouri
St.Louis Light -- St.Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada
Surrency Spooklight -- Surrency, Georgia

The above list was found at Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page

Here are a few locations outside of North America that I found.

The Min-Min Lights-Boulia, Queensland, Australia
Longendale Lights-Longdale Valley, Derbyshire, UK
Hessdalen Valley Lights-RĂ˜ROS, NORWAY
Dovedale Light-River Dove, Dovedale, UK

After looking into each of the stories behind these mysterious lights, I found a lot of railroad workers who lost their heads here. Are some of these unexplainable? Yes. Could some have an origin that is paranormal? Yes. However, I feel that in a number of these cases it is nothing more than atmospheric conditions causing the phenomenon.

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